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Male Penis Extender Stretcher

How can stretching enlarge my penis???

Do the research and you will find the only method that has been proven to get results, and is doctor recommended, is stretching or "traction therapy" (other than surgery). Yes, it takes a couple of months for major results, but they are permanent and quite measurable!

Penis enlargement works based on the same principle as muscle building for other parts of your body. When the tissues of the corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosa in the penis are subjected to stretching, micro-tears occur. This then facilitates new cell growth to repair those tears, the same as happens when you build muscle tissue in other places in your body.

Technology exists to make our lives easier and penis enlargement is no exception. Instead of manually causing the forces needed to promote penile growth, penis enlargement devices do it for you. The advantage of using a device is the increased intensity level for applied pressure. Similar to the way that you utilize gym weights to increase your strength, extenders for the penis can provide a higher intensity workout.

Extenders are a simple, traction device. They causes tension on the penis and/or forces nutrient-rich blood into the penis, to facilitate new growth. Although they come in a variety of designs, the principle behind each is the same. The penis extender places increasing tension on the penis shaft, creating micro-tears in the cells, which when repaired build into a longer penis. The best devices fit comfortably and can even be worn under your clothes throughout the day.

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