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Anal hole Stretcher

Your rosebud will certainly be in bloom, with this anal pump from Vitality Medico !Watch your butt blossom and reach its full potential, with the Vitality Anal Rosebud Pump! This deviant device promises the perfect prolapse. Expertly designed, with a curved base, it fits perfectly around your poster..
Ex Tax:£89.00
The Deluxe Locking Anal Butt Plug is a premium anal toy made for extreme pleasure. It is specially designed to hit all the right spots and deliver unparalleled arousal. It is 6 ½ inches long the width of the toy tapers from 1" to 1-1/2" at the largest point when closed, and then 1" to 3" when open.S..
Ex Tax:£85.00
Add a new dimension to anal play with the Anal LockThere have been anal plugs; plugs that insert into the anus and offer a visual appeal in addition to the stimulation.The Anal Lock creates a new dimension in anal play. When inserted, the wearer can feel the metal travel every inch of the cavity.Onc..
Ex Tax:£65.00
Similar to our Ultimate Ass Lock, the Deluxe Locking Anal Plug allows you to control the size of the spread. Most anal locks have only two settings closed and WHOAH!!! With this clever torture device you can slowly build up to the right amount of spread as you use the included stainless steel key to..
Ex Tax:£85.00
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