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Professional Male Penis Extender Enlargement

The Max Pro comes with a precision Die-cut genuine leather Penis Harness and now benefits from a completely re-designed leg strap incorporating a huge 1" braided elastic leg strap fitted with high quality nice & easy clasps and adjustment buckle. The connection point for the tension elastic, (which has now been upgraded to a 1/2"'Double Stretch' for a smooth and even supply of tension) now has a heavy-duty stitched leather 'D' ring anchor point for a solid connection to the leg strap, reducing lost tension and greatly increasing general comfort.

The Max Pro is designed for men who are really serious about developing their penis to it\'s maximum potential. Designed to be worn for long periods of time (as any pro-penis developer knows - time is the key to success), the Max Pro is second to non for comfort. With it's super sleek - Low profile design and a ‘Quick & Easy’ attachment point on the real leather penis harness, this device is VERY discreet, convenient and so comfortable to wear, no one will know you have it on and you'll forget you're wearing it!

Simply fit the all-new adjustable leg strap up beneath your knee, place the leather harness high on the penis - to create pull force on the main ligament that holds the penis to the body (suspensory ligament) and tighten up the laces until a comfortable hold is achieved, then connect the adjustable tension elastic to the leather harness, adjust tension and wear.

Nice and comfortable, you'll forget you have it on!

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