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Penis Pump FAQs

Q. Do I have to use the pump every day?

A. If the pump is bought for Erectile Dysfunction and not enlargement, then the pump only has to be used before intercourse.

Q. Just received my erection kit and it works great, however I can't keep my erection after pumping. Any suggestions?

A. We would recommend using the pump on its own daily as an exercise to recondition the penis and work on improving the blood supply. Do this for a while and then try with the rings. There are a few things that will effect the erection that we would recommend avoiding, for example eating a heavy meal, drinking alcohol just before etc. You can use viagra with the pump if necessary but once you have reconditioned the penis a bit you should notice improvements.

Q. Is it harmful to pump again if I get soft?

A. It is OK to re-pump daily if you wish. It is the rings that you should not leave on for longer than 30 minutes each session. Obviously if you are in pain then stop pumping until this settles. The main thing to ensure is not to over-pump but build up gradually.

Q. Are Vitality Medico Penis Pumps suitable for Penis Straightening (Congenital Curve)?

A. The penis pump is certainly useful for helping to correct penile curvature if used regularly. You may consider using the penis extender also available on our website. These are used and recommended by the NHS for this problem and are probably more effective although obviously they have to be worn for at least 2 hours a day over 6-9 months.