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Pelva Master Kegel Exercise Device

Pelva Master Kegel Exercise Device
Pelva Master Kegel Exercise Device


INDICATION FOR USE The PelvaMaster is intended to assist women in performing kegel exercises, which may help control stress urinary incontinence. CONT..
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The PelvaMaster is intended to assist women in performing kegel exercises, which may help control stress urinary incontinence. 
Do not use the device if you have a vaginal infection. 
Do not use during pregnancy without consulting your physician.
The PelvaMaster should not be used during the six-week postpartum period after the birth of a baby. 
The PelvaMaster shout not be used for a minimum of six weeks after genitourinary or pelvic surgical procedure, unless specifically recommended by your physician. 
The PelvaMaster should not be used with other intra vaginal devices, such as tampons, diaphragms, pessaries. 
The PelvaMaster is a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser designed to perfect the pelvic floor exercise called “the kegel.” Regular use with The PelvaMaster can increase vaginal muscle strength. This innovative device helps women strengthen pubococcygeal muscles, also known as the "PC Muscles," which form a hammock or sling underneath all the pelvic organs and which are responsible for (1) controlling the flow of urine, (2) supporting the bladder, uterus and rectum. The PelvaMaster relies on the basic principles of progressive resistance exercise which is essential in reconditioning weakened muscles. Progressive resistance is the type of exercise most commonly taught in medical and rehabilitation facilities, health clubs and sports gyms. The goal of using the The PelvaMaster is to strengthen vaginal muscles which typically weaken from childbirth, lack of use, age, hormones, neurological disorders and other causes.
The slight leakage of urine when laughing, coughing and sneezing or during physical exertion is urinary stress incontinence. Millions of women experience stress incontinence and billions of dollars are spent on treatment drugs and surgery each year. The PelvaMaster offers a completely natural, low-cost, non-invasive way to improve symptoms of stress incontinence. After just a few short weeks of using The PelvaMaster, women with urinary stress incontinence may improve their bladder control. 
Hand wash with soap and warm water before and after using. The adjustable knob and springs are made of surgical grade stainless steel and will not rust or corrode. 
Step 1 Unscrew the knob on top of the unit. Open the unit and insert I spring on the back post (1). This means closest to the back of the unit or hinge. You will see a post on bottom of unit and on the top. 
Step 2 Once you have the spring in place on the top and bottom posts, close The PelvaMaster and screw the adjustable knob down all the way. 
Step 3 Lie on your back, knees bent, your feet flat about two feet apart. 
Step 4 Lubricate the vaginal area and the first three inches (Tip to Flare) of The PelvaMaster with a water soluble lubricant. This makes insertion and removal easier.
Step 5 Insert the unit (knob side up) into your vaginal opening until firmly in place. The unit is designed to stop automatically at the flare which is about three inches of penetration. A small percentage of women initially have the instinct to do an abdominal push, this is not a Kegel contraction, but an improper movement which can cause the unit to slip out; hold the unit in place with your hand until you are able to do a proper Kegel contraction. (Remember to squeeze not push.) 
Step 6 Open The PelvaMaster by unscrewing the knob (counterclockwise rotation) until you feel pressure or you feel a slight stretch of the vaginal muscles. 
Note: If the knob is almost completely unscrewed and you don't feel pressure against the vaginal muscles or the unit is not opening, then you will have to move the spring forward to the stronger position which is I post forward from the current position. You may even have to start with two springs. Every woman is different. Use the setting that is best for you. 
You are now ready to start your exercise program. To do so, use your vaginal muscles to squeeze The PelvaMaster closed. Focus on closing The PelvaMaster using only your vaginal muscles (you want to avoid using your abdominal or buttock muscles). Count to 2 and release. If you're getting movement, you are on the right setting and you're exercising properly. The exercise sequence starts with 3 sets of 30 movements a day. With each squeeze you attempt complete closure of The PelvaMaster pausing between each set.
If you are not getting movement, you should experiment with reducing or increasing the resistance until you feel SLIGHT pressure against the vaginal opening. 
Do not try too many springs at first. The idea is to get as much movement from the unit as possible. 
You can do as many sets as you wish. For best results, it is recommended to do the exercises every day in three sets of thirty movements. (The PelvaMaster doesn't have to close completely to see the results). 
Screw the knob down (clockwise rotation) until the unit is completely closed. Hold the unit and gently twist (rotate) from side-to-side. Slowly pull straight back until unit is removed. 
The following 15 spring combinations start with the lowest tension, a single spring. (Spring on Post 1) and ends with the strongest tension, 4 springs, (Spring on Post 1, Spring on Post 2, Spring on Post 3 and Spring on Post 4). SPRING = S and POST = P. 
Spring on Post 1 (#1) (5 on P 1) 
(#2) (S on P 2) (#3) (S on P 3) (#4) (S on P 4) 
Spring on Post I and Spring on Post 2 
(#5)  (S on P 1 and S on P 2) (#6) (S on P 1 and S on P 3) 
(#1)  (S on P 2 and S on P 3) (#8) (S on P 1 and S on P 4) 
(#9) (S on P 2 and S on P 4) (#10)(S on P 3 and S on P 4) 
Spring on Post I and Spring on Post 2 and Spring on Post 3 
(#11) (S on P 1 and S on P 2 and S on P 3) 
(#12) (S on P 1 and S on P 2 and S on P 4) 
(#13) (S on P 1 and S on P 3 and S on P 4) 
(#14) (5 on P 2 and S on P 3 and S on P 4) 
Spring on Post 1, Spring on Post 2, Spring on Post 3 and Spring on Post 4 (#15) (S on P 1 and S on P 2 and S on P 3 and S on P 4)
Q- How long should I use The PelvaMaster? 
A. All muscles in the body will atrophy soft and lose tone) without exercise. Once you strengthened your vaginal muscles, you may experience with cutting back on length and frequency of usage until you have reached your personal maintenance point. For some women, this will be twice a week. Others may have to exercise 4 to 5 times a week. 
Q. How can I get the most benefit from PelvaMaster? 
A The PelvaMaster is like a piece of exercise equipment found at a local gym. It allows exercise of a localized area in the pelvic region. There must be a full opening of the vaginal muscles with a full closing to get the best muscular development in the vaginal area. However, this will only occur when the vaginal muscles have been adequately developed. Do not get discouraged if The PelvaMaster only moves a little at first. Any movement is good. 
Q I noticed some spotting (bleeding) when I first started using The PelvaMaster. Should I be concerned about this? 
A. A small amount of spotting may occur for some women when first using The PelvaMaster. This is particularly true for those women who are menopausal/post-menopausal and/or have been sexually inactive for a prolonged period of time. You should not be alarmed by this and continued use of The PelvaMaster will strengthen and tone these areas and spotting will eventually be eliminated. If spotting persists for more than two weeks, however, you should consult your doctor because vaginal bleeding can be a sign of serious illness.
NOTE: Should you experience discomfort or symptoms that cause you concern contact your health professional. 

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