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How does the PelvicToner help

There are nearly 100,000 women who would attest to the value of the PelvicToner ranging in age from teens to those in their mid90s. And no! It doesn't hurt, it doesn't pinch, it doesn't get lost. It just works. Five minutes a day for a couple of weeks must be far more preferable to a lifetime of leak control. And the cost of a PelvicToner is less than a month's supply of Tena Lady!

The PelvicToner was designed as a self help device for women of all ages to make the pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises developed and promoted by Arnold Kegel much more effective. It directly applies the key principles identified by Kegel:

  • it helps you confidently identify the correct muscles to squeeze
  • it provides a feedback to show that your exercises are being carried out correctly
  • it helps you easily monitor your rapid improvement
  • it provides a mild resistance for you to squeeze against to make your exercise more effective

The importance of resistance was Kegel's fundamental principle. Without resistance you are just trying to squeeze thin air and, like any other exercise you would ever do, lifting, pushing or squeezing against a resistance or weight is essential for an effective workout. Kegel also said that as you get stronger it should be possible to increase the resistance to increase the value of the exercise.

The really ambitious can purchase a Stronger Spring Set for their PelvicToner thus providing 5 levels of resistance to satisfy the most eager user.

The only real way to strengthen a muscle is to use it! Devices that involve no effort on your part will not bring any real benefits for months, if at all. Thousands of women tell us that expensive electronic devices and cones bring no improvement, even over many months, and the waste of time and money just adds to their sense of frustration.