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How Do Erection Rings Work ?

How do erection rings work?

Erection rings are a very popular tool for increasing the duration, quality and strength of your erection. They are easy and safe when properly used, and can have great results for people who struggle with erectile dysfunction.

How do they work?

In order to understand how erection or cock rings work, it is helpful to understand exactly what an erection is. An erection is caused by an increase flow of blood to the penis which causes it to become erect. Erection rings work by causing constriction to the blood flow as it leaves the penis, causing erections to become longer lasting.

How do you use erection rings?

Erection rings are very easy to use. They are a ring generally made from a stretchy or flexible material, such as silicon or plastic, which can then be fitted at the base of the penis. Lubricant can be used in order to make this more comfortable for the user.

To use an erection ring, follow these steps:

  • Wait until the penis is semi-hard for best results.
  • Roll the erection ring down the shaft of the penis until it reaches the base of the penis.
  • It is best to use lubrication to make this process more comfortable.
  • The erection ring should feel comfortable and not too constrictive.
  • Remove after around 20-30 minutes, or if any discomfort or pain is experienced.
  • At Vitality Medico, we stock lubricant and erection rings in four different sizes so that users can increase the comfort and efficiency through use of their product. In addition, each of our erection rings are made for medical, non-irritant silicone for added comfort.

Are they safe?

In most cases, erection rings are completely safe. Most healthcare advisors recommend keeping a penis ring on for a total of 20 minutes, and removing in the unlikely event of any discomfort, pain or bruising. There are different sizes of erection rings, so if you notice that it feels uncomfortable, or you have difficulty putting the ring on, it might be that you require a different size product.

Using a penis pump with an erection ring

Penis pumps are often used in combination with an erection ring. A penis pump will be used in order to increase the size of the penis and to increase blood flow to the penis, and then an erection ring will be used in order to extend the duration of this effect. This can have great results, and many men who struggle with maintaining a full erection report being able to achieve much longer lasting, firm erections through the use of an erection ring.

Want to speak to other people about using a penis ring?

If you want to speak to other people who are using an erection ring to get their opinion and hear about their results, visit our forum. In addition, if you have used an erection ring and have seen a really positive response, please feel free to leave a post in our forum so that other people can learn from your experience.