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Size Matters Deluxe Penile Aid System

SMP Size Matters Deluxe Penis Enlarger:

SMP Size Matters Deluxe Penis Enlarger for Men, if you've always wanted a bigger, longer penis, then it is time to put away the inferior machines and the products that do not work. It is time to step up and use a proven system that will stand by its claims. It is time to invest in the SMP Enlarger.

How It Works:

The device is placed around the penis and left there for several hours. No need to worry about unsightly bulges or being indiscreet. It can be worn underneath underwear and is made of a material that allows for flexible, comfortable use. At the desk in the office, sitting at dinner with friends, or watching a late movie at the theatre. You can do almost any activity you want and the SMP Enlarger will be working for you around the clock. The length of time that it is worn determines the speed and quality of the results obtained. The SMP Enlarger uses spring loaded rods that when compressed stretch the penis. models do not incorporate this key ingredient.


Customers have reported increases between one and three inches in length and girth. That amounts to a very significant growth of mass and size.
The device comes in black travel handbag for easy to use and take away anywhere without hassle.

Set includes

1 SMP Enlarger,

2 comfort straps,

2 comfort cushions,

1 comfort strap head piece and 2 extender rods.

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